Whether it be writing evocative orchestral music, recording world instruments on location in exotic places or programming cutting-edge modern synths, multi-award-winning composer Jamie Christopherson has built a reputation for consistently delivering unique, fresh and unexpected scores.  He constantly experiments with new ways to create music that gets to the heart of a project, while always infusing his signature style into the vision of the director and producers.

Known for his interest and expertise in multiple media and genres, Jamie’s music can be heard in feature films, video games, television shows, documentaries, theatrical trailers, commercial spots, webisodes and theme parks.  His most notable works include feature films such as The Crow: Wicked Prayer, Ghost Image, Inside Out and interactive scores to best-selling video games such as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth series, Lost Planet 1 & 2, John Woo’s Stranglehold and Lineage II.  He has also scored several documentaries such as Goal Keepers and written extensive additional music for TV shows, most notably for the Showtime shows Ray Donovan & The Affair, CBS's Extant, and the J.J. Abrams produced NBC show Revolution.

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