After graduating college with honors in 1997, Jamie moved to Boston for a brief period.  While there, he worked as a music engraver/copyist by day and assisted a prominent Boston composer, Sheldon Mirowitz, by night.  As he watched the composer work, Jamie re-confirmed that this was exactly what he wanted to do for a living.  He then decided to go back to school for more technical training in the art of film scoring.  From 1998-2000 Jamie attended the University of Miami's School of Music and earned a Masters in Music Composition with an emphasis on film music.

Returning back to Los Angeles in 2000, Jamie began working as a sound designer at The Hollywood Edge, a division of Soundelux.  This work quickly led to designing sound effects for major feature films such as Blow (with Johnny Depp) and Windtalkers (with Nicolas Cage).  He also started assisting game composers Bill Brown and Mikael Sandgren, doing “musical sound design” for their projects.  This work eventually led to writing additional music for Brown's video games.  In his spare time Jamie continued scoring independent short films and low-budget projects.